Grandma Lindsay brings some news.

So she’s arrived, Grandma Lindsay that is.  My father’s mother….I’ve always thought she was beautiful. I have been told that I’m a lot like her, but I just don’t see it. I’ve alway thought I was more like my mother, at least in colouring. But my dad always said that there was something in my face and they way that I moved around the room that reminded him of her. So I guess I have to take that as a compliment. Of course she didn’t come into the house straight away, she went into the garage and locked us out….she was in there for hours. Not sure what she was doing but if she wants us to know I guess she’ll tell us.

When she finally emerged, she came into the kitchen and discussed the fire, and Dad. We talked for quite a while, remembering him and sharing stories. I think Grandma enjoyed talking about him a lot.

You would think that someone with 100 kids would be a little fuzzy on the details of their kids childhood’s. Who they went to prom with, their first words…. all the little details that she could have so easily forgotten. She remembered them all and I love her for it.

 Of course, Amelia had disappeared as soon as the topic was broached. She’s not ready to deal with it just yet.

Grandma had actually been staying with us for two days before she cornered Amelia and gave her the present she had made for her. Amelia told me later that Grandma Lindsay thought that it might be just what she needed to start healing, whatever that means…

Grandma Lindsay finally got around to discussing what had brought her round to visit the next day.

She seem very serious as she had started to explain my so-called destiny, my calling was one of the other ways she phrased it. That didn’t seem to be any better to me, whatever I was about to find out was big and I really wasn’t looking forward to hearing the details.  Lindsay: Lucia, I afraid you’re like me.

Lucia: I’m sorry, what?

Lindsay: You too are destined to have 100 children.

Lucia: Uh-uh, that’s crazy! I can’t do that im not like you! I’m not patient enough, i’m disorganised… I TRIP over my own feet, I’m that clumsy…I more likely to break my own neck than I am to have 100 children!

Lindsay: Yes, sweetheart you are like me. I always knew one of my grandchildren would feel the calling like I did, but I wasn’t 100 percent sure it was you until I came here and saw how you are with Amelia and how your father told me you were like with your brother and all of your sisters.

I still thought she had finally lost it, I had no urge to be the mother of 100 and I told her that.

Lindsay: I know it sounds far-fetched, but it will happen. You are also going to need a different father for each pregnancy, like I did. I know how it sounds but trust me it’s for the best.

Lucia: Ah…ok?

Yep, I think the 100 children have turned her brain to mush…..

 Lindsay: Here. You are going to need this. I’ve given you two potions, one will help you stay young, and the other your sister will explain. I think she will need you to try it out with her and I think it might be a very good place for you to start.

Lucia: I don’t understa…..

Lindsay: Don’t worry about it now, you will understand when it is time.

Lindsay: Luc, I love you. If you ever need anything call me. Okay?

Lucia: Sure thing Grandma. Love you too. 

Lindsay: And just so you know my children where always a blessing, I loved every minute of it. Well, except the labour pains, of course. I never regretted having any of them and I wouldn’t change how my life turned out for anything.

and the she was gone and I was left to contemplate what she had told me…

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8 thoughts on “Grandma Lindsay brings some news.

  1. This is really good! I know its old… but oh well I started since your reading mine I decided to take a look at this one, great job!

  2. Hi Garrat, Here is another story for me to add to my wintertime reading list. Guess my comments will be like a trip back in time for you but I do like Lucia and wish her all the best in her endeavor. Judging from the number of chapters, it looks like she’s almost there. On a lighter note, tell her to watch out for Crimson Salvatore (from my Evil Wishacy) as I have that family in Hidden Springs, too. Crimson likes to start out sounding friendly but she’ll then yell at you for no reason.

    • Hey Silver. 😀 I do remember your last comment. Although I had to go back and check to see which story it was on. Turned out it was the Legacy. Lucia’s Aunt Marin and family. 🙂

      Yeah this one is getting closer to finished. I think Luc is up to 67 or something now. I got a little bit distracted with other saves after SN but will have to get back into this one soon. It’s getting slower to play because the save file is huge. (been in the same town since baby no 1).

      Hope your dad is doing better. *hugs*

  3. ladyfeline1221

    Grandma on a mission?

  4. Oh dear. LOL. That is some large news, and a rather strange calling to have. I wonder what would cause that to be their destiny. o.O

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