You need to believe!

So Amelia came bouncing down the stairs this morning all excited to try out the potion that Grandma Lindsay had given us. Apparently she wants to make Pal a real boy…..Is she serious! Who’s Pal?

Amelia: Come on Luc, don’t you want to try it?

Still confused….umm.

Amelia: You can try it on Peanut and I can try it on Pal! Please, Please, Please just try.

Lucia: Peanut? Who’s Pea….Oh, wait you mean Imaginary Friend Peanut? Mel he wasn’t real and neither was Pal! We were kids, we IMAGINED it!

Amelia: No, they were real. I still see Pal all the time and he says Peanut’s still around too. It just that you have forgotten how to see him.

This was just what I needed two crazy people in two days…

Amelia: Please Luc, you just have to believe its real. Remember what he was like, how he sounded. Remember what he was like when he wasn’t just the doll that sat on your shelf.  If you believe he was real you will be able to see him again.

Lucia: Okay, I’ll give it a go but I really don’t think….

I don’t think I really believed her, but I tried and suddenly there he was. Apparently just wanting to  see him was enough. He was a bit bigger then I remembered but everything else was the same.Lucia: So Mel what was it that you wanted me to try, I assume that have to go first, as always?

Amelia: Same time? Just give him the potion that Grandma gave you. See like the one I have.

She held hers up to show me.

Amelia: Ready? One..two..three..

We both gave our potions to our friends, Mel’s went to Pal (of course) and I gave mine to Peanut. I was also beginning to wonder exactly Grandma had meant by this potion being a good place to start…..

I have to say the sparkles that followed were very  impressive. Also it appears that Peanut isn’t a big fan of the art. Hmm maybe that’s why I’ve been ignoring him the last thirty or so sim days. Art is my first love, not that I get much time for it.

Pal and Amelia couldn’t stop talking to each other.There were no awkward pauses for them, they had been best friends after all for as long as either of them could remember.

Amelia was more confident and sure of herself then I had seen from her for a very long time.

Peanut and I just stared at each other..I mean what do you say to an imaginary friend that you have basically ignored?

Peanut: Luc, its okay. You’re path was always different to your sisters. I knew that the first time we meet.

Lucia: My path, what? You know about that?

Peanut: Sure. We can usually tell what will happen in the future with our sim, what they are meant to do. I should probably have waited for a new charge, we do get a new one eventually but I thought it was more important to help you with your task. Lucia: My task, you mean the crazy 100 babies thing! That’s….

Then I really looked at him. Oh man, did he have the prettiest eyes I had ever seen.

Peanut: Let me help you with it.

Such pretty eyes…..and then he took my hand and led me upstairs.

Yeah I know. What on earth was I thinking, right? This has to be the craziest, weirdest dumbest thing that I have ever done. So why does it suddenly feel that its right for me?

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4 thoughts on “You need to believe!

  1. ladyfeline1221

    The guys look cute

  2. I love that eye color/hair color on Peanut. 🙂
    Ha! It appears Grandma Lindsay made it easy for Lucia to start off her task. How kind. 🙂

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