Toddlers to Train

It’s now the twins turn to learn their skills. Thankfully, I HAVE gotten a little better at teaching them. They certainly are adorable. Rhuarc took to hanging out in the nursery, so he was close to the action.and of course the toys from Grandma Lindsay were still a hit.Other toys got their turn too. Nicola took a liking to the Pegbox,and Rhuarc finally found the easels in the backyard. Since everyone was trained it meant it was birthday time. I decided to start with Eben and Nicola because Rhuarc was still at school. For his birthday he received the Light Sleeper trait.  Nicola was up next. Nic received the Artistic trait. That’s 3/3 kids with that trait. I swear they have all been random rolls. 🙂 and finally it was Rhuarc’s turn. He’s getting so grown up. sniffle.. anyway Rhuarc rolled the Natural Cook Trait.  I guess that means its time for me to enter the Baby Daddy market again but I decided to get a family picture so I could remember when it was just the four of us.

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8 thoughts on “Toddlers to Train

  1. That last pic is sweet. The twins right here look so much like their mama and Rhuarc doesn’t as much which is surprising because when he was a toddler, he did! They are all adorable. I love Nicola’s hair color – so pretty.

    • The older he gets the more he looks like his dad despite the fact that he got all of Lucia’s colouring.

      Nicola is a real Lucia clone, she even got her hair from her mum’s side of the family. My hubby introduced/made the sim that introduced that colour to the family. Now I can’t get rid of it. 🙂

  2. Nicola’s hair ❤

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  4. ladyfeline1221

    Sweet looking family

  5. Aww they’re such a happy little family, so adorable. ^_^ I guess art just runs in the family, eh? 🙂

    • It does, I beginning to think that happens way to much to be coincidence. They always seem to get one of Lucia’s traits like there is a higher chance or something. A lot of the kids got Lucia’s clumsy trait as well. 😛

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